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The care of the little ones in Luxembourg is almost entirely on the shoulders of the parents. There are, of course, daycares (or kindergartens) and nurseries available in the Grand Duchy to help them.

We've previously covered interesting facts about preschool education in our Guide's article. Today, let's look at the pros and cons of different types of daycares.


Public daycares focus on children from 3 months to 4 years of age. So, in other words, from the end of maternity leave until they are officially enrolled in school. However, it is not easy to get into a state daycare.

Anyone can apply. To do this, it's enough to come to the municipality of residence. However, parents who work in Luxembourg and have full-time jobs will be given priority.

In the state daycare in Luxembourg, the children are spoken to in the Luxembourg language, which is a good preparation for later socialization.


Language training.

Kids are taken care of.

It is possible to reimburse part of the cost of daycare through the Chèques Service program.


Children are only supervised for a few hours.

There are queues to join the group.

State nurseries and daycare near you: addresses in Luxembourg

Rue George C. Marshall municipal crèche in Bonnevoie located at 9 Rue George C. Marshall.

Creche Municipal de Gasperich located at 27, rue de Gasperich L-1617 Luxembourg-Gasperich. 

Crèche Municipale rue de la Barrière located at 2 rue de la Barrière L-1215 Luxembourg-Merl.

Route d'Arlon municipal crèche located at 34 Route d'Arlon, L-1140 Luxembourg.

Rue d'Orval municipal crèche located at 20 Rue d'Orval, 2270 Luxembourg.

Crèche municipale au Kirchberg located at 4-6 rue Joseph Leydenbach L-1947 Luxembourg Kirchberg.

Private nurseries and daycare

Everything is more or less transparent with private daycare centers. Parents pay for their child's stay in privately held daycare. There are many of these institutions: It is possible to choose the one that suits you best.

In private kindergartens, you can also choose the language in which the children communicate with caregivers. It is not necessarily Luxembourgish. You can find groups with French, German, English, Belgian, and other languages.


Children are supervised for as long as necessary. There are extended day groups.

You can choose the language.

It is possible to reimburse part of the cost of daycare through the Chèques Service program.



There are queues to join the group.

There is no guarantee that the children will learn to speak Luxembourgish.

There is a separate fee for extended day care.

Crèche The International Kindergarten

This is an international nursery in Luxembourg, located at 5, rue Nassau, L-2213 Luxembourg. Children from 2 to 4 years old are welcome here. The nursery is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. This international daycare has 24 children divided into two groups.

A teaching approach by Emmy Pickler is the basis of this facility. Respectful treatment of the child is the foundation of everything here. The International Kindergarten promotes itself as a place of communication where children feel comfortable, can create a community network, and can open up to learning new things.

There are benefits for parents as part of the state compensation for daycare — Chèques Service.

Read more about the cost of daycare services in Luxembourg in the guide article: “How preschool education works in Luxembourg: nursery, daycare, school preparation”.

Crèche De Luxembourg

The nursery is located in a large green park at 12 Plt Altmuenster, 1123 Luxembourg. It is open all year long from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Children can be admitted full-time or part-time. They accept children from 3 months to school age of 4 years old.

The pedagogical concept is inspired by the principles of non-formal education and the key ideas of pedagogy by Emmy Pickler. Like the International Kindergarten, it prioritizes education based on the children's enjoyment of movement, play, and discovery of the outdoors.

They also accept Cheque-Service Accueil.

Crèche Pomme D'api

This nursery is located at 2 rue Joseph Kutter L-1868 Luxembourg. Children's nursery is open Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

This facility is based on the Montessori pedagogical concept. The program is characterized by the freedom of the child within set boundaries. It fosters autonomy, and also makes sure that the child's psychological, physical, and social development is equal and natural. The fundamental principle is learning through discovery.

They also accept Cheque-Service Accueil.


A private institution, that is a part of the French educational institutions abroad network — AEFE. Children from the age of 3 are accepted in the daycare of Ecole française de Luxembourg, assuming, if they wish, further education in the elementary and secondary school Vauban.

It is located at 1-3, rue Albert Einstein L-1484 Luxembourg.

And other kindergartens in Luxembourg

Besides the Vauban school, another 8 places accept children from the age of 3, that is, offer daycare services near you:

Ecole Waldorf;

St. George’s International School;

International School of Luxembourg (ISL);

Ecole maternelle "Mini collège";

Ecole maternelle "Les Poussins";

Scuola materna italiana;

Ecole Maria Montessori;

Over the Rainbow.

Another two places that take children from the age of 4:

Ecole Charlemagne;

Ecole privée Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie (EPND).


Babysitting services are becoming more and more popular. With the increasing employment of parents, part-time daycares are getting less convenient for working adults. A babysitter solves this problem. They can always be by the child's side. You can even find a nanny with the skills and language you need.

You can look at babysitters' resumes on the notice board. In addition, some municipalities have entire lists of childcare professionals.


The child is supervised for as long as you need it.

The child is at home in a comfortable environment.

The babysitter may have the knowledge and/or language skills you need that are not available in daycare.


Higher cost than a private daycare center.

You have to trust your child to a stranger.

Socialization will slow down.

Finding a qualified nanny is not easy, there is always a huge demand for them.

Cheque-Service Accueil in nurseries and kindergartens of Luxembourg

The daycare fee depends on the income of the family in general, whereas private nurseries and datcares are more expensive than public ones. All parents in Luxembourg are entitled to apply for Cheque-Service Accueil and request financial support. This is valid for both residents and expats.

Chèque-service Accueil — is a voucher designed to reimburse the cost of any public or private nursery, from the child's birth until the age of 12. To be reimbursed, the nursery or daycare in Luxembourg must be accredited by the state.

In order to receive the Chèque-service Accueil, you have to apply for the CSA membership at your municipality of residence, that is, at the local administration in the place where you live. The voucher itself is valid for 12 months. Once registered, the parent will receive a card which he or she must submit when taking the child to a nursery or daycare in Luxembourg in order to benefit from the reduced rate when paying the fee.

However, in addition to the Cheque-Service Accueil, parents can also receive financial help for their children through different allowances, such as family allowance, maternity allowance, and others. For instance, all kids under the age of 18 are eligible for family allowance, and the amount of the benefit varies depending on the family size.


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