Electric cars in Luxembourg increase mileage on winter roads

Steep decrease in mobility during winter is a well-known problem of electric transport. Even when fully charged, warming up the car in winter and cleaning the windows can significantly drain any battery. The Luxembourg company Cebi presented a solution called Thermal Storage Tank. With it, Cebi’s electric cars will be able to drive 3 more kilometers through winter roads on average.

Electric cars in Luxembourg increase mileage on winter roads

This thermal tank allows you to almost never spend your charge on warming up the car. During charging and driving, the water in the tank will be automatically warmed up with car heat that was previously simply lost.

The water in the tank retains a high temperature for more than 10 hours. And the next time you start the electric car, the water gives up its heat to warm it up. This allows you to save a full battery for the trip.

This was noted not only in Luxembourg. The new Cebi patent received an award from the international society Solar Impulse Efficient Solution. It’s cited as an economically realistic «green» solution. It truly combines practicality and environmental friendliness..

For Luxembourg, electromobility is a hot topic. A third of all cars in the country are electric cars.