English language proficiency in Luxembourg at a high level

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English language proficiency in Luxembourg at a high level

EF Education First based its rankings on the language test results of 2.2 million adults. The tests were administered in 113 countries, and the statistical picture is quite interesting.

Each country in the study was given a score. The total score is exactly what indicates the level of proficiency, where 0 is a complete lack of understanding and 700 is a level close to native speakers. The 12 countries with the highest level of English proficiency were:

  1. Netherlands (647)
  2. Singapore (631)
  3. Austria (616)
  4. Denmark (615)
  5. Norway (614)
  6. Sweden (609)
  7. Belgium (608)
  8. Portugal (607)
  9. South Africa (605)
  10. Germany (604)
  11. Croatia (603)
  12. Greece (602)

Luxembourg, however, did not even make it into the top twenty. Yes, the country has three official languages, but English is not one of them, hence the somewhat unexpected but quite natural indicator. The country ranks 22nd in the world, which is still quite good. The results of Hungary, Poland, Finland and some other countries are slightly better.

It is also worth noting the global age trends over the last 7 years. In all groups, there is a downward trend, in some groups more marked, in others more gradual.

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Source: EF

We took photos from these sources: English proficiency in Luxembourg, Luxembourg, the capital city

Authors: Aleksandr, Kadriia

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