Gyms in Luxembourg: where to get fit for summer

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Gyms in Luxembourg: where to get fit for summer

Summer is just around the corner and bathing season is upon us. It's time to tone up your body — not only will it make you feel confident in your summer clothes, but it'll also help you stay healthy.

One of the most effective ways to get results is by going to the gym. There are quite a few gyms in Luxembourg and it's usually easy to choose the one closest to your home.

We have compiled a small selection of gyms with good reviews and convenient locations.


The U'fit sports center is a small facility run by two trainers, Julien and Megan. Here you can not only have a regular cardio or strength training session but also try different types of stretching, martial arts and even dance.

Yes, Megan is a professional dance coach and does choreography for performances, developing flexibility and plasticity, as well as choreographing wedding dances. In addition, the coaches have a mobile app to help them practice at home.

The high scores on Google Maps speak for themselves — this fitness center is definitely worth a visit.


Another popular fitness center in Luxembourg. It is located outside the city, away from the main traffic and noise of the capital. A great way to get in the mood for work. A large number of positive reviews also support the establishment's reputation.

This center offers a wide range of training for all muscle groups. The modern equipment and attentive trainers will definitely help. Another important aspect that visitors note is the friendly, almost family-like atmosphere that reigns in the gym. Instructors are very attentive and will definitely recommend the best workout option based on your physical abilities.

Technology buffs will love it too, as Vitaly-Fit uses its own bracelets to collect and analyze workout data. The wristband also opens locks and turnstiles in the gym and even allows you to make purchases.


Despite the intimidating name, the center is well known and popular, as every athlete knows the golden rule of 'No pain - no gain'. Painworld offers a huge range of fitness equipment for both strength and cardio.

There are options for individual classes and group training. The latter, by the way, are in high demand. There are around 280 sessions a month.

Another important advantage of Painworld is that it is open 24 hours a day. Yes, the center is not open 24 hours a day, and who would have the idea to train at night? But you can come here after work or at weekends to loosen up and pump your muscles!

What other options are there

In this selection, we have presented just a small part of the variety of fitness centers and gyms in the Grand Duchy. The list is extensive and there is something for everyone.

If you're looking for the right gym for you or simply want to see what other fitness centers have to offer, take a look at our dedicated article on sports and exercise places in Luxembourg.

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