Happiness levels in Luxembourg are above the EU average — Eurostat

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Happiness levels in Luxembourg are above the EU average — Eurostat

In its new study, Eurostat examines the indicators that directly affect the quality of life in a country. The organization’s new website provides information on security, health, employment, education. And the level of happiness of residents of the EU countries.

The source of information in the study is data from surveys and past studies by Eurostat.

By selecting a country on the site, the visitor can compare it with other EU member states. Or with the block as a whole. So, what numbers does Luxembourg show?

Statistics that constitute happiness

In general, the level of happiness and satisfaction with life in the country is at 7.6 out of 10. This is 0.3 higher than the EU average. But there are countries whose inhabitants are even happier. These are Ireland and Finland with a happiness rating of 8.1.

In terms of material life conditions and financial satisfaction, Luxembourg is again ahead of the European Union. The average block value is 6.5. And in the Grand Duchy, this figure is 6.9. However, the first place still goes to the Scandinavian states.

But in terms of median wages, Luxembourg has no equal. Luxembourgers are the richest people in the European Union. The median income in the Grand Duchy is €37,844 per year. Which is almost twice as much as the EU average (18,237 euros per year).

The average life expectancy in Luxembourg is also high (82.8 years). So, what’s lacking for Luxembourgers to achieve complete happiness? It’s satisfaction from personal relationships. As well as people to rely on. Residents rate their satisfaction from close communication at an average of 7.8 out of 10. This is 0.1 below the EU level.

And 15.3% of Luxembourgers do not have a person who could help and console them in a difficult situation. This is the highest figure in Europe.

In another recent study, Eurostat has reported that the population of Luxembourg is growing — thus breaking the trend of the European Union as a whole.

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