How flooding has affected traffic in Luxembourg

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Source:  Byron DiMaggio, nsplash

Source: Byron DiMaggio, nsplash

The flood situation in the Grand Duchy is gathering momentum. As of this morning, 15 flooded buildings, 4 destroyed fences and 6 fallen trees were reported. A few hours later, 4 more buildings and one tree were reported. Now the emergency services are eliminating the consequences of flooding.

River overflow has caused the closure of several transport arteries. This may cause serious traffic disruption, so it is recommended to refrain from travelling as long as possible. The following motorways are closed: 

  • N10 Stolzemburg.
  • N12 Kopstal – 4 Wang.
  • N27 Esch-Sauer.
  • N28 Sandweiler – Ötringen.
  • N37 Ehlerange.
  • CR152B Schengen (between the junction of the motorway N10 and the french border).
  • CR158 Roeser – Kockelscheuer.
  • CR189 Simmeren – Goeblange.
  • CR358 Reisdorf – Wallendorferbrück – Medernach – Savelborn.

Roads, that were blocked due to fallen trees:

  • CR306 Moersdorf – Oberglabach.
  • CR345/Rue de Mertzig close to «Karelshaff».
  • CR325 Kirelshof – Drauffelt.
  • CR333 between Helzingen and Weiler.
  • the Merscheid street in Mertzig is completely blocked.
  • CR123 between Cruchten and Essingen.
  • CR118 between Consdorf and Müllerthal.

Technicians and road services are on high alert, so some of the routes could already be open. Check messages from officials to stay up to date with the latest news.

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Source: Tageblatt

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