Learn Luxembourgish online for free

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Learn Luxembourgish online for free

The Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Languages ​​have launched a platform for learning the Luxembourgish language.

The new digital platform has a number of advantages. First and foremost, it’s free. In addition, the resource is available to anyone on the planet without any restrictions. And it is also a serious methodological development, which guarantees high-quality and reliable learning material. Interactive lessons are accessible both from a PC and from a smartphone through a specially developed application.

The LLO.LU platform will offer each user an evaluation test, but you can refuse it and still get access to the educational content. All chapters are thematically structured, contain training material, videos and exercises that reinforce the topic studied. Also, users can take a test at the end of each chapter, to measure their newly obtained knowledge of Luxembourgish.

You can study for both work and personal purposes. The creators expect that this new resource will also be used by teachers to offer students personalized tasks.

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