Luxembourg City sees 17.9% drop in daily water consumption in the last decade

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Luxembourg City sees 17.9% drop in daily water consumption in the last decade

The City of Luxembourg has presented the results of its Water and Pipes services, highlighting the quality of drinking water and the significant drop in average consumption. It is still important to protect this valuable resource in the face of an ecological crisis.

Potable water and the city

According to the report, the average drinking water consumption of residents decreased significantly between 2012 and 2022, falling from 196 liters per day to 161 liters per day — a decrease of 17.9%. It is worth noting that this average includes not only residents but also offices, schools, and swimming pools.

Overall, the water consumption of the city of Luxembourg has increased by 7.4% in the last 10 years, a period during which the population has grown by 32.3%.

The reduction in average consumption is a result of increased awareness among the residents of Luxembourg about the importance of water conservation, thinks Mayor Lydie Polfer. "Water is an exceptionally important material for all of us, and we must take care of it and save it."

The city of Luxembourg consumed just over 8 million cubic meters of water last year, a stable figure compared to the year before, according to figures from the annual report of the capital's water service. Of this total, 63.2% came from springs in the city, and 36.3% came from the Haute-Sûre dam.

The city has 72 springs, but only about forty are operational, as the production of around thirty springs had to be stopped due to a bacterium in recent years, said Simone Beissel, the alderman in charge.

Down the pipes of Luxembourg

Water quality is monitored very regularly, with a total of 3,645 analyses carried out over the past year. Even if some sources have water with nitrate or metazachlor, the water that reaches the tap is of good quality, thanks in particular to the carbon filtration, which proves to be very effective, according to the city.

The water is brought to the taps of residents and workers in the capital by a network of 691 kilometers of pipes, 120 km of which were renovated in 2022, and 2,280 meters were rebuilt, as well as 242 connections. The pipe department handles all of this, and it is always busy. With storm basins, pumping stations, and pipelines, the service is permanently active and was endowed in 2022 with a budget of 44 million euros. The water service was entitled to 34.1 million euros.

Overall, the City of Luxembourg is doing an excellent job in managing its water resources, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. With a growing population and increasing demand for water, it is essential that cities around the world prioritize the management and conservation of this valuable resource.