Luxembourg named the best city in Europe

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Luxembourg named the best city in Europe

Luxembourg took the lead in Oxford’s study. Excellent economy and prospects in the labor market brought the city to the first place. The capital of the Grand Duchy received the highest grade for the economic performance in Europe. City’s labor market is second only to London’s.

The third evaluation criterion — the quality of life — didn’t turn out quite as well. Luxembourg took 18th out of 73 places. The city’s grade in this category is 73 out of 100. 50% of the inhabitants of the capital are satisfied with their standard of living. This figure was taken as the baseline grade. Other categories were also taken into account. Unemployment level, availability of broadband internet, employment in health and social work, traffic congestion and average annual temperature.

But the study did not take some criteria into account at all. For example, the cost of living and the lack of housing were not a part of the study. Therefore, when moving to Luxembourg, it’s worth remembering that “the best” and “ideal” are not synonymous.

Top-10 looks like this:

  • Luxembourg;
  • London;
  • Oslo;
  • Zurich;
  • Stockholm;
  • Copenhagen;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Dublin;
  • Geneva;
  • Bergen.

The Economist has compiled a list of the best cities in the world according to a broader set of criteria. The focus was on the safety and health of residents, infrastructure, environmental friendliness, and education opportunities. In this list, the capital of the Grand Duchy took 17th place.

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