Luxembourg police will pursue criminals throughout France

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Luxembourg police will pursue criminals throughout France

Until recently, the Luxembourg police could only pursue criminals who crossed the French border during a chase only for 10 kilometers. If the offender was hiding deeper inland, it was necessary to transfer powers to local authorities.

However, now the police forces of the two countries have entered a new agreement. The Luxembourg Police can now move throughout France during chases. The same rights apply to the French law enforcement officers on the Grand Duchy soil.

According to Interior Minister Henri Kox, the decision was made following the recommendations of the European Commission. It should update the stalling police cooperation infrastructure in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg law enforcers will have severely limited powers abroad. They can only arrest criminals who have escaped from the Grand Duchy. And those they’ve personally caught while witnessing a serious crime.

The measure will help the police of the two countries cooperate more effectively. The previous system did not contribute to the rapid and successful administration of justice in the territory of both countries. Luxembourg has only initiated prosecutions in France three times in the past three years. France initiated a single case in the Grand Duchy.

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