Luxembourg's annual Rallye will take place from July 14th to 15th

Luxembourg's annual Rallye will take place from July 14th to 15th

This year's Rallye in Luxembourg will take place in the middle of summer from July 14 to July 15. There is very little time left for teams to prepare and the entry lists are growing by the day. Registration is available on the official website of the race.

There will be four main categories of racing this year:

  • Luxembourg Drivers Championship;
  • Luxembourg Championship for Co-Drivers;
  • Luxembourg Championship for Debutants;
  • Luxembourg Championship for Women.
See the official race rules for more information on the schedule and categories.

It should be noted that cars still have to meet strict requirements. The most important thing is that all the cars will have to be equipped with a catalytic converter. This is, of course, necessary for the reduction of toxic emissions during the race, for the protection of the environment and for the comfort of the audience.

However, there is an exception. For example, this rule does not apply to historical equipment that has the appropriate certificate.

The turbocharged vehicles of the classes E1a, E1b, E1c and E1d must also be equipped with a limiter. The maximum inside diameter of the flange must not be greater than 34 mm. All the requirements for the machines are also described in detail in the rules.

The races will take place in the north of the country, near Hosingen. The organizers remind the public of the dangers of this sport. The risk of an accident cannot be completely eliminated despite all protective measures. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, follow these simple recommendations.

For example, the organizers remind visitors not to stand on the track, it is better to stand in front of arrows or signs. Sitting or standing on the stakes, walls and fences is also prohibited. If you are going to watch the race with your children, make sure they are under the strictest supervision. Follow the marshals' instructions and do not ignore their recommendations if anything happens.

On the LB-Motorsport video channel, you can see what the races look like.