Phone and Internet. How much does it cost in Luxembourg

To better understand how mobile tariffs have changed in recent years, the ILR (Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation) has conducted a study. It also provides an overview of the trends that are likely to emerge over the next few years.

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As more and more people are using the mobile internet, this is perhaps the most interesting topic. Tariffs are divided into 6 categories. Traffic consumption ranges from 0 MB (no internet at all) to 20 GB per month. The price of the cheapest tariff with the Internet has increased by 27% this year and now stands at 12.7 euros. At the same time, there has been a drop in the price of higher package tariffs and demand for these tariffs is on the rise.

The situation is a little different when it comes to home connections. The speed of the connection and the number of services connected are two key factors that affect the cost of services.

Of course, the higher the speed, the more money you have to pay each month. However, it is the services that are now dictating the terms: it may be cheaper to buy TV, a mobile phone package and a home phone all at the same time than to pay just for the internet.

So why is this happening? The fact is that packages with one or two lines either cost the same as they did last year or show a slight increase. At the same time, the full set of services has become a lot cheaper in the year 2023. And all speeds have started to get priced down. If the trend continues, it is likely that it will still be more cost-effective to have a bundle of services, even if you do not use them.

Of course, it is too early to say: the price difference between the minimum (only 1000 Mbit/s Internet) and the maximum (four services at the same speed) is 40 euros. However, the difference between the two neighbouring categories is less marked.

The aim of the survey was the study and analysis of mobile phone and internet tariffs in Luxembourg. The ILR has also researched price changes over a number of years for five mobile phone providers available in Luxembourg and nine internet providers with local and national coverage. The results of the study are based on the Institute's methodology. This methodology takes into account the different monthly prices, the speed of the connection and other additional services.