Quality of life makes Luxembourg a world leader

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Фото: Laura Paredis, Pixels

Фото: Laura Paredis, Pixels

This is not the first time that the Grand Duchy has topped all kinds of rankings. And the new study by the aggregator Numbeo is no exception. It is worth noting that most of the positions at the top are occupied by European countries, but there are some unusual guests among them.

In short, the top 10 countries by quality of life are as follows:

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Netherlands
  3. Iceland
  4. Denmark
  5. Finland
  6. Oman
  7. Switzerland
  8. Norway
  9. Austria
  10. Estonia

The study took into account parameters such as safety, purchasing power, tax/income ratio, population and many others. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nigeria are at the bottom of the rankings — 83rd, 84th and 85th respectively.

Another interesting point: Luxembourg not only became the best country to live in, but also one of the best cities, if we talk about the capital, not the whole country. In this ranking, however, Luxembourg City lost out to two Dutch cities, Den Haag and Eindhoven.

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Source: Numbeo

Authors: Kadriia

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