3 billion euros: that's how much the new high-speed tramway project will cost

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3 billion euros: that's how much the new high-speed tramway project will cost

The Ministry of Mobility has unveiled an exciting and ambitious project — a high-speed tram line that will connect Belval and Luxembourg. Of course, it will not happen overnight, but according to the authorities, it will greatly contribute to the accessibility of the region.

The cost of the project is nearly 3 billion euros, excluding taxes. This is an impressive figure, which they are determined to use as efficiently as possible.

Although the tramway remains a key part of the project, most of the money (about 2 billion) will be spent on highway construction. They will have to provide special lanes, interchanges, and exits, as well as reduce the pressure on nearby settlements.

One billion will be spent on building a tram line. This mode of transportation was chosen for reasons of seamless mobility. Once it has reached its destination, this tramway can be easily integrated into the city's transportation system. This means that it will be possible to travel not only to the two end stations but also, for example, to the Findel airport when the main line is completed.

According to the project, the maximum speed of the tram will be 90-100 km/h on the section between the cities. It will run on the route Luxembourg — Leudelange — Foetz — Metzechmelz — Belval. The length of the line will be about 18 km.

The construction will be done in several phases. The line will be built in stages from the capital to the south, passing through the key stations mentioned above. The project will take 12 years to complete, and Minister for Mobility François Bausch described it as "well worth it."

If all goes according to plan, the first tram will run from Luxembourg to Belval as early as 2035.

The trains themselves promise to be more comfortable than current urban options. They will have space for luggage and bicycles and more comfortable seats. These trams will run every 8 minutes, and the trip will take about half an hour.

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