Eurovignette — what is it and how to pay

Eurovignette — what is it and how to pay

The Eurovignette is a special system for the payment of road tolls. It is compulsory for all drivers of cars weighing 12 tons to have it. The Eurovignette is used in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg. One Eurovignette is valid in all four countries. It is a requirement for all truck drivers, regardless of their nationality or country of residence.

You can book a Eurovignette on a special website. You have to enter the Licence plate country and number, Axle class, Emission class and date you need.

The next step — enter your bank card details for payment. And - done! Your Eurovignette is available in electronic form. There is no need to download or print anything. Just save the vignette number — you may be asked for it by the traffic police.

A detailed description of how to book the Eurovignette can be found in the booklet. It is available in 12 languages, including English, French and German.

The Eurovignette tariff depends on several factors. The most important are the Axle class and the Emission class of your vehicle. Axle class is a technical feature that should be clear to drivers. However, the emission class can be confusing.

Emission class, or European emission standards, is a feature given to all vehicles. Your car documents must show the emission class of your car. If you do not have this information, you can use the table below to find out:

EuronormDate of 1st admission
Euro 0until 30.06.1992
Euro 101.07.1992 — 30.09.1995
Euro 201.10.1995 — 30.09.2000
Euro 301.10.2000 — 30.09.2005
Euro 401.10.2005 — 30.09.2008
Euro 501.10.2008 — 31.12.2012
Euro 6from 01.01.2013

The validity period of the Eurovignette is your choice. It can be valid for a day, a week, a month or a year. The validity period, as well as the class of vehicle used, affects the price charged. However, the price for a one-day vignette is fixed (12 euros) for all vehicle categories.

A one-day vignette is valid for one calendar day, but not before booking. It must be booked before you start your journey.

For example, the Eurovignette for a Euro 6 vehicle (the most environmentally friendly category) with two axles costs 750 euro for a year, 75 euro for a month and 20 euro for a week. For Euro 0 class vehicles with 2 axles, the price is much higher: 1,407 euro for a year, 140 euro for a month and 37 euro for a week.