An unusual fair has opened in Dudelange

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Фото: Mary Ray, Unsplash

Фото: Mary Ray, Unsplash

There are so many Christmas markets these days that it's almost impossible to find something unique. If you've had the same thought, try a trip to Dudelange. The local fair will take you back to the Middle Ages and allow you to feel the color and magic of an ancient celebration.

The uniqueness is not limited to the name and the general concept. On the opposite, artisans and merchants recreate conditions as close to reality as possible. Here you will find potteries, bakeries, street musicians, jewelers, and tanners. If you get tired or hungry, stop by the tavern for mulled wine or mead and appetizing snacks.

The fair runs through the week of December 17. It doesn't draw crowds, but that's more of a plus. Each guest has the opportunity to walk through all the tents, buy the souvenirs he or she wants, and spend time in comfort and privacy.

Date: until Sunday, December 17

Price: free

Address: Dudelange

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