Luxembourg events for January 26-28

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Source: Danny Howe, Unsplash

Source: Danny Howe, Unsplash

On the last weekend of January, the inhabitants and visitors of the Grand Duchy will be able to enjoy unusual concerts, an immersion in the world of contemporary art, and an amazing film that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Luxembourg Song Contest
January 27, 18:00
€44 — €85 per person
En, Lu
The main cultural event of the weekend will undoubtedly be the final of the Luxembourg Song Contest. Representing the Grand Duchy this year is a big responsibility: it will be the first time in 30 years that the country will take part in the contest. Several artists are competing for the chance to go to Malmö, Sweden, where the competition will be held this time: Angy and Rafa Ela, CHAiLD, EDSUN, Joel Marques, Krick, Naomi Ayé, One Last Time and TALI.
Rockhal Luxembourg
5 Av. du Rock'n'Roll, 4083 Esch-Belval Esch-sur-Alzette
€44 – €85 per person
Live Painting Concert
January 28, 17:00
€1.50 — €10 per person
This is a concert by the ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin, who will try to combine music and visual art in their performance. To do so, they have invited the artist Pit Wagner, who will join the artists to immerse the audience in a multi-sensory experience. Thanks to Wagner's magical artwork, which will be projected onto the walls of the concert hall, and the magical music, you will be able to easily understand what the artists are saying to you.
26a Rue du Château, 1329 Dommeldange Luxembourg
€1.50 — €10 per person
MUDAM Family Tour
January 28, 10:00
€0 — €8 per person
Luxembourg's largest museum of modern and contemporary art always offers its visitors unusual adventures: guided tours, virtual immersion, special lectures or a special family tour that you can take with your children. One of these is taking place this week. Don't miss the opportunity to discover more than 800 works by artists from all over the world under the guidance of an expert guide.
MUDAM Museum
3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Clausen Luxembourg
€0 – €8 per person
When You Finish Saving the World
January 28, 18:00
€1.5 — €3.7 per person
A feature film, the directorial debut of Jesse Eisenberg, will be shown at the Cinémathèque. The film is about a woman named Evelyn. She runs a shelter for victims of domestic violence. She has a teenage son, Ziggy, who is going through a difficult time in his life. Evelyn desperately tries to find a way to communicate with her son and does not realize that she is becoming more and more estranged from him.
17 Pl. du Théâtre, 2613 Ville-Haute Luxembourg
€1.5 — €3.7 per person
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