Weekend in Luxembourg on November 4-6

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Weekend in Luxembourg on November 4-6

Already made plans for the weekend? Or still unsure about how to entertain yourself on these next few days? Check out a selection of the most interesting events for this week and add them to your schedule.

Colonialism in camouflage

«The Radio Disaster Series: Colonialism in Camouflage» touches on the poignant and disturbing theme of remnants of imperialist and colonial practices across the continent. The presenters will talk about imperial violence in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Caucasus, Central Asia and beyond. They will discuss its impact on the economy and people’s lives. Come visit the Mudam Museum on Sunday, November 6.

Adress: 3 Park Dräi Eechelen, Luxembourg.

Notre Dame Cemetery

An unusual and gloomy place enters our selection. November 6 will be dedicated to the memory of the heroes and victims of the war and the Luxembourg resistance. A variety of monuments reflects the ideas of heroism, selflessness and commemoration for acts of bravery expressed by different strata of society. You can attend the ceremony on Sunday from 14:30 to 16:00.

Address: Cimetière Notre Dame de Luxembourg, Allee Des Resistants Et Des Deportes, L-1431 Luxembourg.

Concert Thomas Champagne Random House

On November 6, the Neumünster Abbey will host a jazz quartet performance. A distinctive feature of the band is constant experiments with melodic jazz full of positive vibes channeling the New York School spirit. Music lovers will definitely love this one. Ticket cost up to 6 euros.

Address: Center Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, 28 rue Münster

Sweet Zenith

An unusual installation that uses electricity and kinetic forces. Try to find a moment of peace in the chaos reigning around. This closed system is amazing in motion, even if confined by the relatively small exhibition space. An esoteric experience guaranteed. Admission is free, and the installation itself is open every day after 18:00.

Address: Rotondes, 3 place des Rotondes

African Dance Classes

Learn to express emotions through movement and discover the amazing world of African dances. This master class will help you develop body plasticity and provide an excellent workout at the same time. Just what one needs after a week of office work! The price for one lesson is 20 euros.

Address: Maisons culturelles & Espaces Interieurs, 18 rue du Fort Wallis

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