Europe is the world's biggest drinker

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Source: Wil Stewart, Unsplash

Source: Wil Stewart, Unsplash

The WHO report covers not only alcohol but also psychotropic substances. 4.7% of all deaths worldwide, about 2.6 million, are attributable to alcohol use. The majority of these deaths occur in the male population.

In countries where alcohol is legal, the daily consumption is 27 grams of pure alcohol per person. This is about two glasses of wine or two bottles of 0.33 beer. In Europe, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Ireland and Spain remain the countries with the highest alcohol consumption. Strangely enough, Finland did not make the list of leaders.

At the same time, Europe's alcohol-related death rate remains the highest in the world: 52.9 deaths per 100,000 people. Africa follows with 52.2. The number of disorders caused by regular alcohol consumption has decreased, but is still quite high in Europe at 10.7%. This is also the highest rate in the world.

In Luxembourg, the average amount of alcohol consumed per year is 12.45 liters. This is lower than in neighboring Germany and France, but higher than in Belgium and the aforementioned Finland, which has long been considered the drunkest country in the world.

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