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Source: CALIN STAN, Unsplash

Source: CALIN STAN, Unsplash

Mysterious monoliths reappear in the US and a Greek island suffers a fire.

Tourists set fire to Greek forest

A fire broke out on the island of Hydra on Friday evening. The fire was reported by the suspects, who fled the scene after trying to put it out themselves. Prosecutors later arrested the suspects.

It was the crew of one of the boats that had approached the island that night. According to witnesses, the crew were using pyrotechnics to entertain customers. If true, this would mean that the crew had violated the government's fire regulations.

According to Greek media, there is public outrage over the cause of the fire, which was only brought under control and extinguished by mid-Saturday 22 June. All the crew members of the Persefoni yacht have been arrested and will face trial.

Ugliest dog ever

An eight-year-old Pekingese named Wild Thang has been named the world's ugliest dog at an annual competition in California. It was the fifth time the dog had entered the competition, and after three second places, he finally won the top prize. According to owner Ann Lewis, Wild Thang contracted plague as a puppy, which has left him with permanent disabilities: his teeth have not erupted and his right front paw moves constantly and uncontrollably.

Despite his physical problems, Wild Thang remains a healthy and happy dog. He and his owner received a cheque for 5000 dollars.

The World's Ugliest Dog contest, which has been running for almost 50 years, celebrates the features that make each dog unique and reminds us that all dogs are beautiful in their own way. The aim of the event is not to ridicule the appearance of dogs, but to show the world their wonderful personalities and convince them that even "ugly" dogs can be glamorous and lovable.

Strange monolith appears near Las Vegas

A mysterious object has baffled police after it was spotted shimmering in a remote mountain range. A volunteer search and rescue team spotted the reflective object near Gass Peak in the Nevada National Wildlife Refuge. Las Vegas police, who shared an image of the find on X social media, admitted the origin of the monolith remains a mystery.

This monolith continues a series of mysterious shiny columns that have appeared around the world since 2020. The first metal monolith was discovered in the Utah desert in November that year, and similar objects have since been spotted in Romania, California and even on the famous Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The latest 10-foot monolith appeared on a hillside in south-east Wales in March this year.

To this day, no one can say where they came from or why they are needed. Groups of curious travellers and researchers have come up with dozens of theories, but none have been confirmed.

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We took photos from these sources: CALIN STAN, Unsplash

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