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Where to stay in Luxembourg when visiting the country?

If you are planning to visit Luxembourg, this article can help you find the most suitable accommodation among the numerous options available for a short or long stay, for business or pleasure, for minimal hassle or for unique locations.

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Luxembourg is a unique destination in Europe that attracts many visitors throughout the year. Of course, the country and the government are working hard to develop many options and increase the attractiveness of the country, due to its historical role, natural resources or simply great vibe.

Best places to stay in Luxembourg City & neighborhoods popular with tourists

To choose a neighborhood, you'll need to determine the purpose of your trip. As it happens, the best neighborhoods for the most common travel goals have already been identified.

Source: Kierchbierg – Wikipedia
Source: Garer Quartier (Stad Lëtzebuerg) – Wikipedia
Source: Garer Quartier (Stad Lëtzebuerg) – Wikipedia
Source: Gronn (Stad Lëtzebuerg) – Wikipedia
Source: Gronn (Stad Lëtzebuerg) – Wikipedia

Ville Haute (Old Town) – the ideal choice for historical tourism

If you're into classic sightseeing, Luxembourg's Old Town is your best bet. Almost certainly, most of the places you want to visit are here. And you won't need a car — everything is situated within walking distance. Even if you have a few places outside the Old Town on your itinerary, it's easy to get there: distances are short and public transportation is free.

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Old Town of Luxembourg: Ville Haute, Grund and their dwellers
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Kirchberg – the business hotspot for suits

Kirchberg is said to be the ideal neighborhood if you are visiting Luxembourg on business. Of course, there are no residences here specifically designed for businessmen. Kirchberg just happens to be a business district with a lot of offices. Therefore, it is very likely that your negotiations or meetings will take place somewhere here, which means that it is convenient for you to find accommodation nearby. If your business trip doesn't end in Kirchberg, there is no need to stay here, as the business district is not a cheap option.

Kirchberg: a business hub in the heart of Luxembourg City
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Luxembourg Gare – ideal for train travellers

Unlike many other cities in the world, the main train station area in Luxembourg is a decent place to live. So if you plan to travel around the country or to nearby foreign countries by train, you can settle down near the station. And you don't have to choose between train-accessible sights and local attractions: Ville Haute is about 20 minutes away on foot.

Gare: a transportation hub in the center of Luxembourg
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Grund (Lower Town) – for peace and quiet in the capital

If you want to stay in the heart of Luxembourg City, but the noise from cars and bars keeps you awake at night, this is the neighborhood for you. As the name suggests, Lower Town is next to Upper Town, on a plain, closer to the Alzette river. There’s true tranquility here: not many cars can squeese in the ancient neighborhood. So you can get a good night's sleep before visiting the sights of Ville Haute or taking the train from Luxembourg Gare, which is also within walking distance.

Grund: the smallest neighborhood and historical landmark of Luxembourg City
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Unique places to stay in Luxembourg for a few days

Luxembourg has a well-developed tourist industry. Therefore, we will not bore you with a list of ordinary hotels and hostels: you can easily find them on your own. Instead, we will recommend some original and memorable Luxembourg lodging.

Hotel in a fortification tower

The title speaks for itself: you can indeed rent a room in a tower. Please note that the place is half a country away from the capital (which means only half an hour away by car). However, you can only book a whole house for 6 people, even if you are traveling alone. So this is a good choice for a group of friends.

Turm Hämelmaous
21, rue Hoovelecker Buurchmauer, 6418 Echternach, Luxembourg
€320 for 2 days, €960 for a week

Hotel in a natural castle

Chateau d'Urspelt page at

This hotel is located even further from the capital, in the north of Luxembourg, near the town of Clervaux. It takes about an hour by car to reach Luxembourg City. Therefore, if you intend to visit the capital more than once during your trip, the location is admittedly inconvenient. But if you want to spend your vacation in an authentic historical building in the middle of nature — the castle of Urspelt is a perfect choice. It is not cheap to stay here, but it is worth it: the conditions have improved considerably since the time when the castle was actually used as a fortress.

Chateau d'Urspelt
Am Schlass, 9774 Urspelt Clerf, Luxembourg
€308 for 2 days, €1382 for a week

Two hotels with natural setting and unusual huts

Camping du Nord, Goebelsmuhle | Facebook
Péitche Lauer | Useldange Facebook Page

If you like the idea of staying in the countryside, but don't want to share a castle with other guests, and tents are too Spartan for you, you'll probably be interested in these hotels. Here you can rent separate buildings stylized to match the surroundings. Péitche Lauer offers accommodation in faux mushrooms, while Leaf Du Nord offers accommodation in leaf-shaped cottages. Both hotels are located on a riverbank, but the former is half an hour's drive from the capital and the latter is an hour away, farther north.

Péitche Lauer
4, Am Tremel, 8706 Useldange, Luxembourg
€220 for 2 days, €770 for a week
Leaf Du Nord
14, Rue de la Gare, 9153 Goebelsmühle Goesdorf, Luxembourg
€155 for 2 days, €530 for a week
How to save on the trip?

It’s cheaper to book a small Leaf cottage for two, since you’re only renting the bed. If you want to spend your time camping alone, you’ll need to rent a bigger lodge tent for yourself.

Non-typical areas to stay in when visiting Luxembourg

To discover an unconventional side of Luxembourg, venture beyond the capital. Although the country is small, the points of attraction are plentiful. Below are some of Luxembourg's off-the-beaten-path locations, favored by local tourists.

Müllerthal for hiking and contemplating nature
Remerschen Lakes for swimming, sunbathing and water sports

Where to stay in Luxembourg for long-term accommodation

If you're planning to stay in Luxembourg for an extended period of time, the typical tourist areas and hotels may not be the best options for you. For one thing, these places tend to be overcrowded with tourists. Secondly, prices are higher in popular areas and the cost difference will be significant over a longer stay. So it's best to explore alternative options for long-term accommodation.

If you'd like to stay in a hotel and still save some money, consider extended-stay hotels, check out less expensive areas of Luxembourg City, or stay in the countryside altogether.

If you're not particular about hotels, there are several ways to save even more:  

  • Find a place to stay on Airbnb (for trips of about one to three months). 
  • Rent an apartment or house (for six months or more). 
  • Stay at a campground, convenient in the warmer months. 
  • Stay in a hostel. This may not be the most comfortable option, but if you find the right place, it can work for you.
Place to call home

If you've decided to choose your living space carefully, take a look at our guide to Luxembourg's communes. You will find a concise description of the communes and how they differ from each other, as well as recommendations on which commune is the best area to stay in Luxembourg for you and your preferences.


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