In Europe, electric cars become more popular than diesel cars

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In Europe, electric cars become more popular than diesel cars

New car registrations in the European Union rose to 1 million in June. Growth was recorded in all markets. The only exception was Hungary, where registrations fell by 1.4%.

Compared to 10% in June last year, the share of electric vehicles rose to 15% in June. This is a significant increase. It has helped this type of engine to move into third place in terms of popularity, displacing diesel cars (which account for only 13.4% of new registrations).

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Most European countries saw impressive growth in new electric vehicle registrations. The largest increases were in the Netherlands (+90.1%), Germany (+64.4%) and France (+52.0%). The year-to-date growth is 53.8%, with 703,586 vehicles sold from January to June.

Luxembourg has also seen a significant increase in new car registrations this year. Compared to last June, when a total of 3,590 cars were registered, the number last month is 4,767. This represents an increase of 32%. Talking about electric cars, compared to the June of 2022, the growth is 127%: 482 units registered against 1,095 in June 2023.

A slight growth is also in the petrol car category — consumers registered more cars by 27% this June, that is 1,638 cars compared to 1,289 in last year's June. On the other hand, there is a slight decrease in the diesel category. Drivers registered a total of 691 cars last month compared to the 874 units in June of 2022. The fall is more than 20%.

New registrations of hybrid-electric vehicles in the European Union increased by 32.4%, with 254,100 vehicles sold. The leading countries are Germany (+59.1%), Italy (+29.9%), France (+27.9%) and Spain (+22.7%). From January to June, the market share of hybrid-electric cars reached 1.4 million units. This represents 25% of the market.

Petrol engines continue to dominate the European Union market with 36.3% of all new registrations. They are followed by hybrids with 24.3%.

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Source: ACEA

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