Results of the Brussels meeting of leaders: what worries the EU

Results of the Brussels meeting of leaders: what worries the EU

EU leaders had a formal meeting in Brussels on 24 and 24 March of 2023. The main topics covered the main problems that worry the modern world: the war in Ukraine, the European market and economy, the energy crisis that stressed the countries, and migration topic.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, highlighted topics that were covered during a meeting. The first and main prospect — is the fight against climate change and the need to accelerate action right now to limit global warming. The European Union is on track to achieve its targets for climate neutrality by 2050, with greenhouse gas emissions decreasing by 2.5% last year.

The second topic was Ukraine and the situation with Ukrainian children. An initiative has been launched to bring back the children that have been abducted by Russia, and the UN Secretary-General has offered the support of the United Nations agencies.

The third topic is economic and industrial competitiveness, with significant steps being taken to maintain the head-start of the European Union. Negotiations are ongoing with the United States about clean-tech subsidies, critical materials, and leased electric vehicles.

Finally, the fourth topic covered by leaders was the success of the solidarity lanes in enabling Ukraine to export large quantities of grains and other agricultural products, and the need to support the farmers in the front-line states.

Luxembourg's Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, had a speech there too. He has said that the UN is limited in what it can achieve due to the veto power held by permanent members of the Security Council, including Russia and China. Bettel has called for the Chinese and US Presidents to work together on a joint plan to end the war in Ukraine.

Every day people die, — Bettel said, — and we cannot forget that.

While Russia may prefer a proposal backed by China, Bettel thinks a joint plan with the US would carry more weight. Bettel also wants to avoid the emergence of bipolar relations and is clear that nuclear power is «neither sustainable, safe, nor quick to build».