«Made by AI»: Labeling AI-content might become obligatory in EU

«Made by AI»: Labeling AI-content might become obligatory in EU

European Commission representative Thierry Breton announced possible mandatory labeling of all artificial intelligence content. On June 5, he shared the news in an interview with the LCI TV channel. No official statement has yet been made by the European Commission itself. However, this result is widely expected given the increasing presence of technology in everyday life.

Not so long ago, Breton got into a confrontation with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. European Commissioner accused Altman of extortion after he said that ChatGPT could leave the European market if the regulation rules were too strict. Altman, touring Europe at the time, replied that the company was not going to leave and that negotiations on the structure and regulation of the neural networks are most encouraging.

Both speakers are planning to meet in June to discuss the AI pact and new AI rules ahead of their enforcement in 2026.

Earlier in May, members of the European Parliament discussed a new law to introduce a human oversight function among neural networks content. They also proposed to restrict the use of AI in vital and high-risk industries. This will ensure that decisions made by AI systems are consistent with European values and benefit society at large.

Artificial Intelligence situation in Luxembourg

In recent years Luxembourg has experienced a surge in startups, especially in the field of AI. Since then the government has adopted a cautious strategy to promote the development of AI, recognizing the need for an appropriate legal framework to regulate the newly emerged area.

The government sees the harmonization of different viewpoints and decision-making processes as key, recognizing the profound impact that AI can have on society and the economy.

ChatGPT belongs to the category of generative AI. In other words, this technology can create content that is as close as possible to what a human would create. The incredible increase in users of the platform and the active development of the neural network have led the EU to complete its legislation as soon as possible. The law on neural networks is expected to be published in the near future.

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