Luxembourg among the top 5 countries with the highest salaries

Luxembourg among the top 5 countries with the highest salaries

The country with the highest salaries is, as expected, Switzerland. Due to the strong development of the banking sector and a stable economy, high-level professionals settled here. The annual salary here is about 106,839 euros. In second place is Iceland, where people earn much less, but still an impressive $81,942. Luxembourg comes in third with an average annual salary of 79,903 euros.

Norway (74,506 euros) and Belgium (70,297 euros) come in fourth and fifth, respectively. Austria and Germany follow with a small gap but are still not in the top five. The situation is somewhat different in Eastern Europe. According to Eurostat, the salaries here are the lowest in the entire alliance. This is due to the state of the economy, inflation, and the demand for labor.

Thus, people in Bulgaria earn the least (13 thousand euros per year), slightly more in Romania (14.5 thousand euros per year) and Croatia (17.8 thousand euros per year). At about the same level are Poland (18.1 thousand euro per year) and Hungary (18.3 thousand euro per year).

The highest-paid professions are banking, insurance, energy, IT, and mining. People working in hotels and construction earn the least.