Luxembourg parking to be closed in preparation for Schueberfouer

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Luxembourg parking to be closed in preparation for Schueberfouer

Schueberfouer, Luxembourg's largest trade fair, is less than a month away. Preparations are already well in progress. That's why two parking lots in the center of the capital will be completely closed for several weeks until mid-September.

GlacisJuly 29, 10:00 p.m.September 11
Schuman August 23, 12:00 a.m.September 12

First of all, it is the place du Glacis, where the fair is traditionally located. One of the largest parking lots in Luxembourg will be closed on July 29th and will be closed at least until the end of the Schueberfouer on September 11th.

The Schuman parking lot will also be closed. However, the conditions are a bit milder than in Place Glasis: the parking lot will be closed from August 23 to September 12.

Avenue de la Faïencerie between Allée Scheffer and Boulevard de la Foire will also be closed to vehicles. Traffic will be restricted from Saturday, August 12 to Thursday, September 14.

The city authorities recommend using parking facilities in other parts of the capital and regularly checking the VDL's official website for parking spaces.

The fair itself traditionally presents its guests with unforgettable gastronomic adventures, attractions, and shows. Thousands of people come to the Schueberfouer. That's why the organization requires such precise planning and responsible preparation.

A fireworks display usually accompanies the end of the festival. Last year, however, it had to be canceled due to the heat and the fire risk. It is possible that the audience will be left without fireworks this time too if the air temperature exceeds safe levels. However, there is no information about this at this time.

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Source: Le Quotidien

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