Summer events in Luxembourg: festivals, fairs, concerts and more

During the summer months, the city is usually buzzing with events of all kinds. From local street dance flash mobs to huge festivals that attract tens of thousands of people. It is impossible to cover everything in one article, so we have selected some of the most memorable and colorful events to take a closer look at.

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Many of us have missed being active over the winter, so let's start with exercise. And the best place to do that? Dance, of course. The Ultra-urban Festival is one of the best dance events in the country. It brings together troupes and solo performers from all over the capital. The crisp rhythms and synchronized moves quickly warm up the audience. The atmosphere is incredible and makes you want to jump on stage and bust out some energetic steps. The festival takes place on 17 June at Place Clairefontaine.

If you prefer a more meditative experience, the Fest vun der Natur in the Kokelscheuer is the place to be. For two whole days, 17 and 18 June, the area will be transformed into a large farm where, for just 2 euros, you can watch the animals and even feed them. The organizers promise that spectacular sheep shearing (although it's actually a form of art), blacksmithing demonstrations and much more will be there.

Luxembourg's National Day, on 23 June, stands out from the other festivals in terms of size and scope. No wonder nobody misses the country's main event. It's an amazing two days of all sorts of events for residents, festivities, parties starting the night before and, of course, a national holiday.


World classics can be heard at Park Kinnekswiss on 1 July. The Philharmonie of Luxembourg will play Rachmaninoff, Strauss and Ravel in front of a large audience. In contrast to other music events, people usually just sit back and enjoy the music.

For lovers of a more contemporary sound, we recommend going to Robbie Williams' concert on 10 July at LUXEXPO THE BOX. We already wrote about Robbie's visit in a previous article, but we'll repeat it for those who missed it. The event should be truly massive. The British artist attracts sell-out crowds all year round, so if you're in desperate need of a ticket, don't waste your time: tickets start at 144 euros and are selling out fast!

Crawling back to you... If you started to sing along and guitar riffs came to your mind at that moment, your instincts were right. Another British band, Arctic Monkeys, will perform in Luxembourg on the 4th of July at LUXEXPO THE BOX. The massive line-up is guaranteed because the band is incredibly popular outside of their home country and a ticket price of just 74 euros will not deter die-hard fans. The Monkeys will probably be Robbie's biggest competition, as there is less than a week gap between their gigs!

But let's not forget about music festivals, such as City Sounds. It traditionally takes place on National Day, June 23d in Glacis Square. Dive into the festive atmosphere to the rhythms of pop or alternative rock. You're sure to find plenty of other music lovers from all over the country.

Markets and fairs

Summer is sales season, so don't miss out on the month-long discount period from 22 June to 24 July. Luxembourg's traditional fairs and open markets such as Glacismaart or Marché à la Brocante will also be there. Not only in summer, of course, but the atmosphere itself suggests that "you might find something you've been looking for". Be careful with your budget, though: with some of these markets it can be difficult to stop and grab everything you can find.

And of course the Schueberfouer, the largest amusement fair in the Greater Region. And although it starts at the end of summer on August 23rd, it can still be as hot as in July.

The Schueberfouer is much more than a playground on the Glacis. It is history. The festival, which is over 670 years old, is one of the oldest traditions that is still celebrated today. Back then it was just a big market, but in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Schueberfouer began to develop into an entertainment fair.

Nowadays, the festival features more and more technological attractions, but they still can't replace the delicious street food carts and rows of stalls that gave birth to the festival.