New job vacancies in Luxembourg for 8-12 May

New job vacancies in Luxembourg for 8-12 May

Meet our weekly round-up of Luxembourg jobs that are available right now. Today there are some very unusual and interesting offers in the Grand Duchy for your career: try yourself in the garden or office, media or bank. We also have a very exciting position for students employment! Put together your application, your best resume and cover letter, and get a job with us.

Marketing Manager

Let's start with a position that is not the most original, but rather comprehensible. There is a need for a marketing specialist at the International Bank of Luxembourg. The future employee's tasks are completely in line with the job description: they will be involved in building marketing operations and communicating with the consumer market, target audience and social networks.

Requirements for this job position are:

  • specialized education,
  • at least 3 years' work experience,
  • fluent French and English.

You can apply to this position using the website, where the position was published.

Landscape gardener

Turbolux SARL company is searching for an environmental mastermind to create harmony in the gardens. This full-time job will be located in Bettembourg. The job involves pruning trees, cutting grass and shrubs and controlling the appearance of the site. This position is great for people, who like to work outdoors and take care of property.

Requirements mentioned in the post are:

  • fluent French language,
  • professional education (diploma),
  • can be less than a year of work experience.

You can apply to this position using the website, where the position was published.

Media Internships

This is a special offer for student employment. Silicon Luxembourg, an outstanding media about startups and technologies, is offering a few intersting positions in their team (this also includes new COO position). But we will talk about the beginning of one's career.

Currently they are looking for Interns in several areas:

Requirements may differ, but the most important ones are being a student in the profile course and knowing English. French and other languages may be handy, but it's not the main criteria.

Use Silicon Luxembourg website to apply for this positions!

Are you a student in Luxembourg or you are planning to be one and looking for employment? We have a special article for you, regarding all the questions of the student work in the Grand Duchy:

Radiology assistant

The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) is in need of a technical assistant for a radiology doctor. Objectives are standard - to assist with examinations and carry out the tasks assigned by the doctor. This is a fixed-term contract, with an expected duration of employment of 10 months.

The requirements are as follows:

  • proficiency in all official languages spoken in Luxembourg,
  • specialized medical education.

You can apply to this position using the website, where the position was published.

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