A petition for a tax cut got 5,500 votes

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A petition for a tax cut got 5,500 votes

A petition to review the tax classes, which appeared on February 25, received the necessary number of votes in just three days. Now the parliament is obliged to take it up for consideration. A lucky coincidence on the eve of the trilateral meeting discussing tax reform.

Single people in Luxembourg pay prohibitive taxes, the petition says. Often their costs are even higher than those of married couples, which the applicants consider unfair.

What's interesting is that a similar petition was already filed in 2019. At that time, Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna promised that the system would soon be revised and the tax categories would become a matter of the past. However, a single comprehensible tax system was never presented. If the current Minister of Finance, Juriko Backes, will make progress in this direction, is still unknown.

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