For the first time, a double wedding will take place in Luxembourg

For the first time, a double wedding will take place in Luxembourg

Two sisters, Corine and Martine, decided to get married on the same day. Today, Friday, September 8, they will celebrate the first double wedding in Luxembourg.

The sisters shared that it all started as a joke. Jacky, Corine's future husband, proposed to her on her 50th birthday. They had been together for 11 years. Afterward, during a family dinner with Martine and her boyfriend Jean-Marc, he jokingly said: "We'll only get married if you get married." And so it was decided that there would be a double wedding.

This had never happened in Luxembourg, and the couples even had to write to the city authorities. At first, they were offered to marry one after the other, but the lovers were so determined that they wrote a letter to the mayor and she gave permission.

Generally, the ceremony is traditional: first, the mayor or her representative reads the marriage certificate, then asks for the consent of the future spouses, and then the rings are exchanged. After the ceremony, the whole procession goes to Dudelange to celebrate at the restaurant owned by Corine and Jacky. The decorations, the menu, and the program for the evening were chosen by the couples together.

Corine says the event is a real celebration for the whole family. She and her sister worked together for six years in a restaurant in Luxembourg, and Martine is their best friend.