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Direct flights in and out of Luxembourg

n this article, we will observe the most popular direct destinations for those, who like to travel with pleasure and find few ways to not spend a fortune when flying from Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg is one of the smallest Western European countries, but its location is very geographically convenient. The state borders Germany, Belgium and France, and, for example, Switzerland can be reached in an hour by plane.

Luxembourg Airport and its destinations

Josh Sorencon, Pexels
Josh Sorencon, Pexels

Luxembourg Findel Airport is the only international airport in the country. It is located 8 kilometers (or 5 miles) east of downtown Luxembourg and operates at Central European Time. As of June 2023, 17 airlines fly from Luxembourg to 126 airports worldwide. The most popular destinations are the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and France.

The longest direct flight from Luxembourg is the one to Dubai. It takes around 6 hours and 35 minutes.

It is better to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure to have time to check in and avoid queues. If you are not sure how to get there, read our dedicated article.

Luxembourg-Findel Airport has free Wi-Fi and two computer terminals with Internet access: one in the departure lounge and one in the boarding area. Phone booths are found throughout the terminal building. A detailed map of the airport can be found on their website.

Which airlines operate in Luxembourg Airport

There are 17 airlines that fly from Luxembourg: Aegean Airlines, Air Dolomiti, British Airways, easyJet, KLM, LC Peru, LOT, Lufthansa, national airlines Luxair, Region-Avia, Ryanair, SWISS, TAP Portugal, TUIfly, Turkish Airlines, Volotea, Wizz Air.

Top five companies flying from Luxembourg:


Luxair is the largest airline in terms of departure count, being a national company. Luxair schedules approximately 315 flights weekly, with 1,484 departures scheduled from Luxembourg for the next month. The company has a fleet of 19 aircraft, and its most popular destinations are Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain. Read more about he national Luxembourg airline company in our dedicated article Luxair airlines in Luxembourg.


Another massive airline that operates in the country is Ryanair. It is an Irish ultra-low-cost carrier. Airfleet has a record of 545 planes, 209 flights from Luxembourg are scheduled for next month. The most popular destinations are Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, and Italy.


Lufthansa is a German premium airline, it has more than 275 aircraft. Around 179 flights from Luxembourg are scheduled for next month. The most popular destinations are Spain, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic.


Another popular in Luxembourg airline is KLM — Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij — the oldest Dutch airline that has never changed its name. KLM is famous for its prestigious business class and has 110 planes, which will make 101 flights from Luxembourg.


Neighboring SWISS is the largest airline in Switzerland. The company has 85 planes and 65 flights from Luxembourg are scheduled next month. The most popular destinations are Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

Direct flights from Luxembourg

Luxembourg is located in the middle of Europe. This means that it is easy to travel around Europe from Luxembourg. Flights to many famous European cities and resorts take no more than two hours and are reasonably priced. For example, you can fly to Berlin for as little as 15 euros, and the French resort of Étretat is just an hour away.

Below you can find some destinations you can reach fast and affordable from Luxembourg.

Destinations and prices
DestinationCountryFlight timeAverage priceAirlines
LisbonPortugal2 hours 55 minutes25 to 393 euroseasyJet Luxair Ryanair TAP Air Portugal
LondonUnited Kingdom1 hour 30 minutes17 to 232 eurosBritish Airways Luxair Ryanair
MilanItaly1 hour 20 minutes16 to 214 eurosLuxair + ITA easyJet Ryanair + Malta Air
PragueCzech Republic1 hour 25 minutes92 to 442 eurosLuxair
NiceFrance1 hour 30 minutes42 to 297 eurosLuxair Volotea
RomeItaly1 hour 55 minutes25 to 545 eurosLuxair + ITA Wizz Air
DublinIreland2 hours 20 minutes15 to 430 eurosLuxair Ryanair
BerlinGermany1 hour 30 minutes15 to 360 eurosLuxair + Lufthansa Ryanair
MunichGermany1 hour 15 minutes99 to 189 eurosLufthansa + Lufthansa CityLine Luxair
CopenhagenDenmark1 hour 50 minutes80 to 467 eurosLuxair + Scandinavian Airlines
CorsicaSpain1 hour 50 minutes86 to 218 eurosLuxair
TivatMontenegro2 hours 5 minutes142 to 458 eurosLuxair
CorfuGreece2 hours 25 minutes127 to 303 eurosLuxair
BiarritzFrance2 hours 5 minutes85 to 304 eurosLuxair
ÉtretatFrance1 hour49 to 265 eurosLuxair + Air France

Before you buy a ticket, compare the prices of several airlines. You can do that by using convenient services online. Search engines will help you find the best option for plane tickets.

  • Skyscanner is a search engine that does not sell tickets directly. Skyscanner shows a list of flights and provides links to airline websites to complete your purchase. Click "Explore everywhere" in the search box to find the cheapest destinations for the dates you want.
  • Kayak is a travel search engine that compares prices from many sites to see where the tickets are the cheapest right now. Kayak can combine two one-way tickets in one itinerary — it can save you money.
  • Google Flights is a metasearch engine similar to Kayak. Once you find a flight, Google Flights connects you to the airline's website. The site shows price trends and how your travel date can affect the price of your ticket.

Where to find cheap flights from Luxembourg

Markus Winkler, Unsplash
Markus Winkler, Unsplash

There are some exceptional low-cost airlines to consider when it comes to affordable travel options in Europe. The most popular low-cost airline in Europe is Ryanair. The second most popular is easyJet. Both airlines are based in Great Britain and fly all over the continent.

Low-coster airlines that operate in Europe are Ryanair, Vueling Airlines, easyJet, Eurowings, airBaltic, Norwegian Air, Wizz Air, LEVEL, and Pegasus Airlines.

When flying with a low-cost airline, always pay attention to the details:

Prepare for flight delays
If a flight is delayed, several other flights may be delayed at the same time. Before booking your flight, find out whether the airline will give you a refund in case of a delay or cancellation.
Leave enough time
Plan your transfers during the trip so that you have enough time. If you’re flying a low-cost airline, you'll have to get your luggage and re-check it in, and that can take time.
Plan in advance
In order to save money, low-costers often use regional and secondary airports farther from the city center. Take note of this: determine the route from your airport of arrival to your destination in advance.

Tips on saving money when flying from Luxembourg

Some lifehacks here.

Avoid high season

If you want to save more on your travel budget, it's a good idea to avoid the high season. Skipping public holidays, long weekends, and peak holiday periods can help you significantly save on plane tickets to and from the country.Learn more about official holidays and school vacances in the Grand Duchy in our special articles: Luxembourg national holidays: bank holidays and traditions and School holidays for kids in Luxembourg.

Buy your airline tickets in advance

The optimal time to buy is as early as 60 or at least 30 days before departure. Ticket prices can increase by 25% depending on how close the departure date is and how many tickets there are left.

Use low-cost airlines

The most affordable (though not the most convenient) way to fly is by using low-coster airlines. Basically, it is a flying bus: no meals included, pricey baggage, uncomfortable chairs, and no first class. But ticket prices will surprise you — only 15-20 euros for a flight in a good season. Make sure to check which airport your plane will land at because they are usually not the main ones.

Fly midweek

Midweek flights are cheaper than those on weekends: Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest.

Consider alternative airports nearby

Speaking of airports, look out for other departure options. For example, the Charleroi airport in Brussels is much cheaper and has various destinations, than the one in Luxembourg, and it only takes 1,5 hours to get there by car.

Don't take baggage

Travel light, if you need to save money on tickets. Baggage not only tires you more when traveling (pack, unpack, waiting for a claim, make sure about weight) but costs a lot, especially in low-costers: sometimes the price for the baggage can be even higher than those of the tickets. There are many tricks to take your clothes with you still — and multi-layering is one of them!

Bring your own food

Even though you can not bring drinks, you still can have your own food. The prices of food at the airport, and even more so on board, will be many times more expensive than in a normal shop nearby. Take your favorite snacks, but make sure they are still safe.

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We took photos from these sources: Gabor Koszegi for Unsplash, Josh Sorencon for Pexels, Markus Winkler for Unsplash

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