Luxembourg's farmaceutica is facing trouble

A long period of viral infections' spread has led to the supply of some medicines thinning. Medicines are starting to disappear from the shelves. Pharmacists note that this is not a new occurrence. In fact, the problem is systemic.

Luxembourg's farmaceutica is facing trouble

For some drugs, it is quite possible to use substitutes. However, experts think that this should not be a prevalent measure. It is necessary to closely monitor stocks in warehouses and timely notify suppliers of current needs.

The shortage is especially noticeable for drugs aimed at the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems, painkillers and antiviral drugs.

In 2022, there were 22% more drug shortage notifications every month than in 2021. The supply disruptions xan be largely attributed to the Ukrainian crisis, as well as the refusal of some countries to produce paracetamol.