New education platform launched in Luxembourg

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New education platform launched in Luxembourg

The launch of eduGuichet, a centralised education platform, was announced by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education on Monday, June 26. It will not teach children, however, but help with administrative issues, despite its name.

Fifteen categories of services relating to schools, preschool education, adult education and even music schools are now accessible via this resource.

A single platform will make it possible to get the services you need faster. It will also allow you to keep track of internal documents such as report cards, school programmes, timetables and more. It's all in one place — just a few clicks away.

Already, you can view the timetable, a list of required books and textbooks, generate a mid-term report or even a certificate of course completion using the platform. And you do not need to download any extra apps. In the future, the functionality of the application will be constantly on the expand.

Access to the service requires a LuxTrust certificate. Registration is open to adults and children from 7th grade.

With this new platform, we are making it easier for parents and students to deal with administrative formalities and we are making a qualitative leap forward in monitoring the educational activities of children and young people.

The Luxembourg Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch.

The eduGuichet can be used on any web browser with any device — your laptop, smartphone or personal computer. There are several sections on the platform:

  • "Enseignement" (education): to generate a school transcript, copies of any document, including certificates, exam results or report cards;
  • "Éducation non formelle" (non-formal education): to apply for a childcare voucher card (myCard fir Staark Kanner — myCard for strong children);
  • 'Restopolis' application (secondary school catering): to check the children's menu and to book a meal;
  • MyBooks application: to see the list of compulsory or optional textbooks for a school year;
  • BAC application: to see the results of the final exams.
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