The government will more strongly support the electric vehicle sector

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The government will more strongly support the electric vehicle sector

The decree of the Grand Duke on the extension of the program "Klimabonus Mobilitéit" was published on August 4. This is a program aimed at the decarbonization of transport. With its help, the government supports the development of electric cars and the active use of bicycles.

Several qualitative changes are introduced by the new regulations:

  1. The program will be extended until December 31, 2024;
  2. The installation of charging stations in apartment buildings will be simplified;
  3. Non-profit organizations that use charging stations or participate in infrastructure development can now receive support;
  4. Financial assistance is now available through leasing companies.

These are extremely important changes as the electric vehicle market continues to grow each year. For example, in July this year, 127% more electric cars were sold in Luxembourg than in 2022.

And while there may still be problems with charging stations now, by 2026, recharging your Tesla will be possible every 60 kilometers. The relevant requirement has already been introduced in the regulations of the European Union. This new agreement will solve one of the problems of logistics and infrastructure that has prevented the widespread use of electric cars. In addition, Europe is actively promoting environmentally neutral fuels such as hydrogen.

There are several changes in the financial support system. For example, it is specified that chargers must have a minimum power of 3.7 kW. They must be connected to a fixed device. The amount of financial support remains stable — 50% of the costs excluding VAT for the acquisition and installation of the station. The maximum amount also takes into account the number of locations of the stations.

This new regulation was designed with the Ministry of Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Energy and Regional Planning, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, and the 'Environment Administration. It is fully suited to the government's desire to deploy a charging infrastructure in the Grand Duchy.

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Authors: Kadriia, Aleksandr

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