Tiger mosquito detected in Luxembourg

The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive species, which means that its spread can be harmful to the ecosystem. It is not only dangerous for the environment, but also for humans, as it can transmit serious diseases.

mosquito, insect, tiger mosquito.

This mosquito has a black body with white stripes on the belly and legs. It bites during the day, especially in the early morning and evening, at dusk, and is silent.

Last year, an adult and several eggs of the insect were recorded in Luxembourg. This year, the eggs were found in Capellen during the week of July 17 to 23. Such a mosquito is not dangerous on its own, but it can catch the virus from an infected victim and transmit it to another.

To prevent the spread of mosquitoes, be aware of your surroundings, especially during rainy and warm periods. Empty or cover all water containers. Mosquitoes lay eggs and hatch larvae in standing water, whether it is a lake, swamp, or even a puddle or barrel in your backyard.

There's also a MosquitoAlert app that allows you to upload photos of insects, get information about them, and notify experts when you find insects and what they look like. This makes counting and analysis easier.