The most interesting events of the week 1-7 January

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Фото: David Clode, Unsplash

Фото: David Clode, Unsplash

The New Year has just begun, and we're already in for a few miracles, unusual treats, and a teenager who "broke" the legendary game.

Fir trees for elephants and buffalo

If you've ever wondered where the trees from the Christmas tree markets go after the sales are over, the Berlin Zoo has the answer. The zookeepers and those responsible for feeding the animals have brought unsold live Christmas trees as a gift to the centre's residents.

Of course, we are talking only about those trees that were sold without roots and which cannot be planted back into the ground. The elephants, bison and deer in the zoo were clearly delighted with the unusual treat and appreciated the aroma and bright flavour of the festive conifers

According to the zoo itself, they only take trees from reliable and trusted suppliers, as Christmas trees from ordinary people may contain chemicals or ornament particles.

A teenager beat Tetris

Willie Gibson from Oklahoma spent about 40 minutes playing the game, reaching level 157. His achievements caused a glitch in the code and a critical error in the game, which has never been done by a human before. And in general, only AI has been able to advance to such a level.

The recording of the process shows how hard it was for the 13-year-old gamer to maintain the utmost concentration during the whole time. The last few minutes are almost a plea for help: "Please, crash," Willy repeats before the game finally crashes and freezes up

The teenager himself admits that at the end his fingers were already numb and he was close to passing out from overexertion. However, the effort was worth it — now Blue scuti (the boy's nickname on YouTube) has become a real star and the first living person in history who managed to provoke a critical Tetris error.

Fisherman rescued after 24 hours at sea

Police are refusing to name the rescued man. All that is known is that he fell from his 12-metre boat after catching a large fish, believed to be a marlin.

Once in the water, the man was unable to climb back out as the boat capsized due to the sudden movements. As a result, the fisherman found himself alone in the middle of the ocean. At first he tried to swim to the nearest islands, which were, according to preliminary estimates, about 55 kilometres away, but he was quickly exhausted. The current continued to carry the unfortunate man further and further away.

The man survived an icy night in the ocean and also met a shark that swam up to take a "sniff". He was eventually discovered the next day by other fishermen. They were attracted by the glare on the watch the drowning man was trying to attract attention with. The unfortunate fisherman was taken to the shore, where he received first aid. Now his life is not threatened.

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We took photos from these sources: David Clode at Unsplash

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