Luxembourg ranked among the world's best financial centers

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Luxembourg ranked among the world's best financial centers

Luxembourg ranks 5th in Europe and 16th in the world in terms of the best financial centers. In the region, it is placed below London, Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris. London is also ranked second in the world, after New York.

A total of 147 factors and respondents' assessments were taken into account in calculating the scores. The key indicators influencing the result are financial freedom, the work of regulators and corruption (the less corruption, the better). As a result, Geneva ranked second in Europe after London. The Commission noted the low level of corruption in the city.

An important aspect is the safety of the city and the general comfort of living. In Luxembourg, there are no problems: the capital of the Grand Duchy has already become the best city in Europe, and by many other indicators it occupies the top lines of the ratings. The country also has the 3rd highest salaries in the world, which helps to attract highly qualified professionals.

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