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Working in HORECA in Luxembourg: wages, requirements, documents

HORECA, an acronym for the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering sector, forms a significant part of Luxembourg's labor market. In this article, we will enter the varied range of opportunities within this industry, exploring its characteristics, employment prospects, and more.

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The HORECA sector stands as one of Luxembourg's largest employers, with a notably higher prevalence of opportunities in the restaurant domain compared to hotels. Roles such as head chef and kitchen staff (cooks, chefs de partie, commis de cuisine, etc.), along with pizzaiolos, restaurant service staff (waiters, head waiters, commis de restaurant), and bartenders collectively comprised 63.4% of the job positions reported to ADEM in the HORECA sector from 2015 to 2020.

Are hospitality jobs in-demand in the Grand Duchy?

A major pillar of the Luxembourg economy is the hospitality industry, which includes hotels, restaurants and cafes. Jobs in this sector are always in demand, given the universal need for food and shelter.

Statistics show

In Luxembourg, the HORECA sector represents a significant portion of the labor market, offering a diverse array of employment opportunities. To discern the most sought-after roles within this sector, analyses conducted by the Ministry of Labor (MT) and the Employment Development Agency (ADEM) provide invaluable insights.

According to these studies, there's a significant predominance of opportunities in the restaurant sector compared to the hotel sector. Chief cooks, kitchen staff, pizzaiolos, restaurant service staff, and bartenders collectively accounted for 63.4% of job positions reported to ADEM in the HORECA sector from 2015 to 2020.

Delving deeper, the two most demanded occupations by a considerable margin are kitchen staff (chefs, chefs de partie, commis de cuisine, etc.), and restaurant service staff (waiters, head waiters, commis de restaurant). They are followed by dishwashers and kitchen assistants, café waiters, versatile restaurant staff, cleaning staff, hotel reception staff, and delivery drivers.

of job positions are in the restaurant service sector
of the most sought-after positions are kitchen staff
of the most popular positions are restaurant service staff 
of the popular positions belong to the hospitality staff in the sector
Source: ADEM

Hospitality fields and roles

There are many occupations and specializations within the hospitality industry. Despite the diversity of professions, they all share a common goal: to provide the best possible gastronomic experience in the case of restaurants, and the most enjoyable stay for guests in the realm of hospitality.

Two main sectors in the HORECA provide most of the jobs to these types of workers
Restaurant workers
In the restaurant industry, three primary areas stand out: kitchen staff; restaurant service staff; and maintenance and cleaning positions, such as dishwashers.
Hotel workers
In the hotel industry, key roles include reception and customer service personnel, as well as room attendants and cleaning staff. Still, they also have kitchens!

In both construction and public works, similar trades are often found, categorized into two major groups: structural and finishing trades. However, some trades are more prevalent in one group than the other; for instance, many finishing trades may not be present in all public works projects.

Scope of work
What should you consider when planning to work at HORECA sector in Luxembourg?
From hotel chains to youth hostels, and from traditional, gourmet, or communal restaurants to themed eateries (steakhouses, seafood, vegetarian, pizzerias, creperies, food trucks, etc.), there are abundant options for employment
Opportunities exist everywhere, as everyone needs to eat and drink, providing these services will never go out of fashion, and places to work can be found even in the smallest villages
It's an environment focused on pleasure, whether in a luxury restaurant or a more family-oriented setting, the motivation remains the same: to offer the best possible services to ensure clients have an enjoyable experience
There are delightful encounters daily, the clientele of hotels and restaurants comprises entirely different personalities. It's common to encounter and discover various cultures, ages, and professions, often leading to friendships
Employment in the hospitality sector often involves irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Balancing professional and personal life can prove challenging
Hospitality jobs can be highly stressful, especially during peak periods. Employees must contend with demanding clients, urgent orders, and strict time constraints
Despite efforts to improve working conditions and salaries in the hospitality sector, wages often remain lower than those in other industries
The hospitality sector is known for its high turnover rate, meaning employees frequently change jobs. This can lead to issues of continuity and training
Work in progress

Usualy, whatever the economic ups and downs, these services are essential and guarantee an ongoing need for skilled professionals to meet the food and accommodation needs of the people.

Training and skills necessary to work in the HORECA sector

Given the broad spectrum of professions within the restaurant and lodging areas, the possibilities for studies are varied, encompassing diverse types and durations.

How to get a job in hospitality?

Here we showcase some possible studies in this area, although given the diversity of employment, there may be numerous other options!

CCP Training
DAP Training
BTS Training

In addition to formal training and excluding profession-specific competencies within the hospitality and restaurant sector, there are numerous common skills. Here are some of them:

Stress management
The hospitality industry can be demanding, especially during peak hours; so staff must possess stress management skills
Relationship skills
While customers primarily visit for food or lodging, a significant portion of their satisfaction also stems from the service they receive
Strong team spirit
Personnel in this field always work within a team. A certain level of interpersonal skills and collaboration are needed to succeed
Food safety regulations
Both kitchen and service staff must adhere to regulations, ensuring cleanliness, careful handling of delicate foods, and cleaning

Types of jobs available in the HORECA

Now that we have examined the studies, let's focus on how to secure HORECA jobs in Luxembourg. In the following sections, we'll analyze the various positions available in the HORECA sector and examine which roles are most in demand in Luxembourg's bustling hospitality industry.

Top-10 in-demand hospitality roles in Luxembourg: kitchen and hotel

A chef embodies a level of independence in tasks performed. With several years of practical experience, a chef can manage the preparation of multiple dishes from start to finish without assistance. Advancement to the role of chef often requires years of proven expertise and demonstration of leadership qualities.
Station Chef (Chef de Partie)
A specialized cook, given the breadth of the culinary world and the time required for excellence, a chef must choose a specialization. Examples of chef de partie specializations include the entremetier, the garde manger, the butcher, the fishmonger, the pastry chef, the baker, or the saucier.
The role of a server can vary depending on the establishment's organization. Generally, they present the menu, take orders, fetch dishes from the kitchen, serve drinks, clear tables, present the bill, and process payments. They bid farewell to guests, ensure a smooth service, and set up tables for the next service
Head Waiter
Responsible for a section of tables, the head waiter oversees service across these tables. Under the maître d’hôtel's authority, they take orders and serve meals, assisted by commis. They ensure table setup, possess in-depth menu knowledge, and execute various presentation and carving techniques.
Bartenders manage the bar of a restaurant, club, nightclub, or hotel. While crafting cocktails and serving drinks is central to their role, they also handle stock management, product orders, and venue cleaning. Their core responsibility is to create a welcoming atmosphere and ensure customer satisfaction.
The first point of contact for guests, the receptionist handles reservations, welcomes guests, sells hotel services, addresses complaints, provides solutions, ensures guest needs are met, invoices, and processes payments. They embody the image of the institution they represent.
In luxury hotels, personalized guest service is paramount. The concierge ensures customer satisfaction throughout their stay. Impeccably dressed and attentive, they provide assistance and guidance, making the guest's experience memorable.
Responsible for cleanliness, hygiene, and tidiness of guest rooms and public areas.
Laundry Attendant
Manages and prepares laundry for staff or the establishment, sometimes handling guests' clothing.
A crucial role in establishments offering quality service, the valet takes charge of guests' cars at hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other venues, often during events. Their main tasks include receiving guests, retrieving car keys, parking cars, and returning them to guests at the end of their stay.
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Where to find work in the hospitality field?

We've got you covered if you're interested in the hospitality industry and are wondering where to find HORECA jobs in Luxembourg. We'll explore the top job portals and highlight the best places to secure employment in Luxembourg's thriving hospitality sector.

Luxembourg hotels, restaurants and catering recruiting in the sector

In Luxembourg's vibrant hospitality scene, numerous establishments offer exciting opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the HORECA sector.

Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg
Novotel, a renowned hotel brand, seeks hospitality personnel for both hotel services and restaurant roles, providing a comfortable and modern hospitality experience.
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Hotel Le Place d'Armes
Recognized for luxury and elegance, Hôtel Le Place d'Armes consistently seeks talented individuals to join its esteemed hospitality team.
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Mercure Luxembourg Kikuoka
As part of the Mercure hotel chain, Mercure Luxembourg Kikuoka offers opportunities in hotel services, including roles in its on-site restaurant.
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Sofitel Luxembourg Europe
Sofitel, a symbol of luxury and sophistication, invites individuals to join its team, offering unparalleled culinary experiences in its exquisite restaurants.
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Mama Shelter Luxembourg
Mama Shelter, a French hotel chain, seeks personnel for its Luxembourg establishment, providing a unique blend of hospitality and creativity.
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A new culinary destination in Clausen, Equilibrium offers inventive cuisine highlighting local and seasonal ingredients, occasionally seeking kitchen and service staff.
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Located in Kirchberg, Tempo offers exciting opportunities for kitchen staff, servers, and restaurant hosts under the direction of Chef Jan Schneidewind.
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Hesper Park
Situated in Hesperange near Parc de la Commune, Hesper Park periodically seeks kitchen staff, servers, and restaurant hosts.
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Restaurant Raiskar
Offering Chinese and Thai specialties, Restaurant Raïskär in Strassen provides opportunities for individuals passionate about Asian cuisine.
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Pizza Hut
As a global pizza chain, Pizza Hut invites individuals to join its team in Luxembourg, contributing to its diverse menu offerings.
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As a prominent player in Luxembourg's HORECA sector, Caterman offers numerous opportunities across its extensive network of catering points.
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Steffen Traiteur
A part of the Group Steffen, Steffen Traiteur is a leading culinary destination in Luxembourg, regularly seeking talented individuals to join its esteemed team.
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Job portals offering vacancies in Luxembourg

To navigate the job market efficiently, the internet is your best ally, hosting numerous job portals with thousands of job listings. These platforms allow you to filter job offers based on your preferred sector, location, educational level, or required work experience.

International job search
Among the international portals are (the European Union's portal),,,,, and
Job platforms for Luxembourg
For local opportunities in Luxembourg, prominent portals include,,, and Each portal offers a unique set of opportunities, allowing you to tailor your job search to your preferences and career goals.

Freelance and interim work in the sector in Luxembourg

In the hospitality industry, independent business ownership offers chefs and culinary professionals the opportunity to showcase their skills through catering services, pop-up events or private dining experiences. However, taking the plunge into restaurant ownership requires a significant investment of capital, time, and resources in order to establish and maintain a successful business.

Temporary staffing in hospitality offers flexibility for certain roles, such as servers and bartenders, where demand fluctuates seasonally and event-driven. However, for positions such as chefs, temporary work is less common due to the need for consistency and long-term commitment in kitchen operations.

Some advantages and disadvantages of working through temporary agencies include
Flexibility in scheduling allows employees to accommodate personal commitments
Exposure to diverse work environments enhances skill development and industry knowledge
Opportunity to earn additional income through overtime or weekend shifts
Potential for networking and career advancement by gaining experience in various establishments
Lack of job security and stability, leading to uncertainty about future employment
Limited access to benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off
Potential for inconsistent income due to fluctuations in work availability
Limited opportunities for professional development and advancement within the organization

What else can you read on the topic of employment in Luxembourg?

You will find a variety of articles on the job search, career development and workplace culture in our dedicated section of the Blog. Check it out. 

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Salaries in the HORECA sector in Luxembourg in 2024

Given the vast array of professions within the HORECA sector, salary ranges vary significantly, making it challenging to provide a precise overview. However, for a very general idea, Paylab offers an approximate salary range for the sector.

Average wages for construction jobs in Luxembourg
RoleMinimum (euros)Maximum (euros)
Pizza Cook3,1085,492
Catering manager3,0188,360
Assistant Cook2,1514,627
Fast food worker2,0974,590
Kitchen Helper1,9083,961
Wage one can count on

According to the data, salaries range from a minimum average of 2,346 euros to a maximum average of 4,628 euros.

What papers do you need as a foreigner to land a banking job?

For European nationals, the process of working in Luxembourg is relatively straightforward, given the freedom to live and work in any European country. However, if you are not a European national, navigating the paperwork becomes essential.

The requirements vary based on your circumstances, distinguishing between employed and self-employed roles. Additionally, familial situations, such as having a Luxembourgish or European partner, can impact the process.

Common documents and prerequisites typically include
Collect the documents
These are the first basic documents one might need to apply for a work permit and temporary authorisation to stay.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
Two fully completed Schengen visa application forms
Two recent identical passport photos
A copy of the passport
Proof of accommodation
An employment contract
Payment of the applicable visa fee
Collect the documents
These are the first basic documents one might need to apply for a work permit and temporary authorisation to stay.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
Read more about the process of obtaining work visa to Luxembourg
Work permit in Luxembourg

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What are the educational requirements for working in HORECA?

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