23% of goods bought online are dangerous for potential buyers

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23% of goods bought online are dangerous for potential buyers

Experts came to such alarming conclusions after a test online purchase campaign in Luxembourg. Of the 26 items randomly selected, only 2 complied with all technical and administrative regulations. 6 products out of 26, that is, about 23%, posed a serious threat to potential buyers. Before Black Friday, this causes considerable anxiety.

The campaign did not include categories of edible products. Otherwise, the set was varied — headphones, batteries for the phone, plastic toys, respirators and even a saw. That, by the way, is included in the 23% of the most dangerous goods. Because after turning it on, it can catch fire right in the hands of an unfortunate buyer.

For Luxembourg, this is bad news. 70% of the population regularly shop online. On average, a family in Luxembourg spends 1800 euros annually on online shopping. At the same time, only 38% of the country’s residents buy goods in domestic stores. And stores outside the EU, where Luxembourgers prefer to look for bargains, are more difficult to enforce to comply with technical regulations and consumer rights.

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