Luxembourg's Cyber Defence Cloud will cost 250 million euros

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Luxembourg's Cyber Defence Cloud will cost 250 million euros

Defense Minister François Bausch announced a new bill on cybersecurity to the Committee on Internal Security and Defense. The document includes information on cloud protection tools and the budget for the next 12 years. The implementation of the project will cost 250 million euros, according to estimates.

Luxembourg Cyber Defense Cloud (LCDC) will be hosted in accredited and licensed data centers. For protection, closed-door access and encryption technology will be used: it will be impossible to get into this cloud storage from the Internet, but access will be available for internal corporate networks. Thus, any sensitive information, confidential data, and even company secrets will be stored in the cloud without the risk of external hacking.

This solution has other positive effects as well. Cloud storage will help reduce the cost of unnecessary technology and electricity and reduce the carbon footprint. An additional benefit will be the convenience of storage and the ability to quickly back up needed data. Also on the basis of the "cyber-cloud" will be trained cyber-defense specialists, who should repel threats from the Web.

By making this future cutting-edge capacity available to reliable partners, Luxembourg will make a significant contribution to the common effort in terms of collective defense at the EU and NATO level, — explained Bausch.

Hacker attacks have become a ubiquitous phenomenon: gigabytes of user data end up in the hands of fraudsters with alarming frequency. According to experts, such cyber attacks occur because cybersecurity systems have become overextended. The security team at any company now collects data from dozens of disjointed sources, and therefore it can be difficult to spot an attack in time.

A year ago, Luxembourg took over the leadership of the European Union's Cybersecurity Center. The center was created in 2021 to consolidate investments in research, technology, and industrial development in cybersecurity.

Statista data revealed, that the Netherlands had the highest rate of cyber attacks among European countries in 2022. French companies had the second-highest share of reported cyberattacks: 52% of all registered attempts. Companies in the United Kingdom have reported the lowest share of cyber attacks among the listed countries.

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