Pizza inflation: how the price of the legendary dish has risen in Luxembourg

Фото: Ivan Torres, Unsplash

Фото: Ivan Torres, Unsplash

Today the whole world celebrates Pizza Day, perhaps the most appetizing of all gastronomic holidays. Traditionally, Eurostat has prepared another study on pizza and quiche inflation to coincide with this important date.

It is worth noting that the European trend has gone down. The cost of meals will only increase by 5.9% in December 2023. For comparison, the cost of pizza in December 2022 was 16% higher than in December 2021.

Инфляция пиццы в странах Евросоюза
Источник: Eurostat

Last year, Luxembourg had one of the lowest increases: only 7%. This time the figures are much worse, with pizza and quiche up 11.3%. Only Hungary is more expensive, with an increase of 13.4%.

The study focuses on store-bought pizza prepared at home. The cost of the dish in restaurants and fast-food vans can vary dramatically.