Trash is an increasingly serious issue in Luxembourg

Mountains of garbage don't pile up on the streets, obviously. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 50% of recyclable materials still remain as residual waste. Despite the fact that the amount of residual waste decreased by 29% in 2013-2021, yet the population grew by 19%.

Trash is an increasingly serious issue in Luxembourg

While households are provided with additional bins for glass, paper, organic and plastic waste, many do not sort their trash or do it completely wrong. One of the ways to motivate citizens is to charge a fee based on the amount or weight of residual waste.

Recycling is one of the steps that help to protect the environment from pollution. However, this is not the only measure Luxembourg is taking to protect the environment. For example, according to STATEC, almost 1 billion euros were spent in 2020, with the purpose of saving the planet:

  • 30% was spent on waste management,
  • 51% on sewage management,
  • 10% on biodiversity and landscape protection.

The remaining costs (about 9%) went to air protection and other environmental functions.