New forest planted in Luxembourg

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New forest planted in Luxembourg

This was done not by a lone enthusiast, but by UBS bank. A new forest of 2500 trees has been planted near Clairvaux on 31st National Tree Day.

Like last year, the bank planted the new forest in partnership with Hëllef fir d’Natur. Trees planted last year in Grosbous continue to be monitored and cared for by UBS staff. It is important that trees have ideal conditions for growth and development. Last year’s forest covers 5 square kilometers, and the one planted in 2022 will break this record.

Why is the bank planting 2500 trees? Each tree in the new forest has a «parent» — a bank client who agreed to no longer use paper documentation and completely switched to digital.

The management and employees of the bank are confident that planting various regional seedlings will help restore forests and biodiversity. First in the Grand Duchy, and eventually beyond it in the entire region.

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