Summary of the preliminary results of the elections in Luxembourg

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Summary of the preliminary results of the elections in Luxembourg

The elections for the Chamber of Deputies were completed yesterday and the first results were known in the evening. It is still too early to give a final verdict, as the parties are probably still analyzing the results and planning their next steps. However, some numbers can be seen now.

According to preliminary data, the CSV is leading in the national vote. This is not surprising as the party maintains its status as the largest party with 29.21% of the vote. The Christians are followed by LSAP and DP with 18.91% and 18.70% respectively. ADR and the Greens came in 4th and 5th place with 9.27% and 8.55% of the vote respectively.

This result for the Greens was unexpected. Due to the poor performance, the party lost 5 seats in the parliament, which were shared by the Democrats, LSAP, Pirates, and ADR. The Left Party kept two seats, and the CSV still has 21 seats. What is curious in this situation is that the current LSAP-DP-DG coalition is no longer the majority in the Chamber of Deputies. They are now two seats short of having an advantage over their opponents.

Votes for specific politicians were distributed differently depending on the region. In total, 4 main blocks can be distinguished: South, North, East, and Center.

  • In the south, Jean Asselborn and Taina Bofferding were the leading candidates. Together they received almost 40,000 votes.
  • The center voted for Xavier Bettel and Luc Frieden. However, the first is far ahead of his main rival: they have 24,692 and 19,625 votes respectively.
  • The North voted for Martine Hansen and Christophe Hansen. Both are CSV candidates and have almost 21,000 votes.
  • The favorite in the East is Paulette Lenert with 11,927 votes. Lex Delles follows with 9,414 votes.

The balance of power in parliament and the alliances between the parties are likely to change. We will continue to follow developments.

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Authors: Aleksandr, Kadriia

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