It will be easier to get German citizenship, but what about Luxembourg?

The German citizenship reform has become perhaps one of the most widely discussed events of the past week. Yes, there are still several mandatory procedures to be completed before its adoption, but the mere fact that one of the strictest countries is easing its requirements is worth considering.

Germany, Bundestag, flag in the sky

The conditions for the simplification of procedures were outlined several months ago. As early as June, it was announced that the number of workers in Germany would stop growing in the near future and then begin to decline. Of course, such losses are unacceptable for a country where, as in Luxembourg, the majority of the workforce consists of expats. Experts believe that there will be some changes in the legislation.

The first step was to make the immigration laws more flexible. This will make it easier for qualified professionals from Europe and third countries to obtain the necessary permits and find jobs. Now it is time for the citizenship process.

Perhaps the most important change will be the ability to hold two passports at the same time. Simply put, this is dual citizenship. In addition, the naturalization process will not take 8 years as it does now, but only 5. The bill also provides for an expedited naturalization process for those who demonstrate a high level of integration and language skills. Such expats will be able to obtain one of the strongest passports in the world in just 3 years.

In the light of these changes, the question is whether Luxembourg will continue to follow the path of simplification. In fact, this is unlikely. Obtaining citizenship in Luxembourg is already considered quite simple. The main requirements are to live in the country for the required period of time, to attend integration courses and to pass the Sproochentest (a language test of the Luxembourg language).

In addition, the Grand Duchy has recently adopted changes to its immigration law that will allow family members of expats to find a job in the country more quickly.

Luxembourg recognizes dual citizenship. This means that you don't have to renounce your first passport in order to become a citizen of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.